Newbie needs a bit of help!

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Newbie needs a bit of help! Empty Newbie needs a bit of help!

Post  Carter on 02/07/09, 07:36 pm

Just my luck I want to toss this together last minute...

I would like to be able to walk in the Flagstaff 4th of July Parade but am lacking an ISO shirt...
If anyone in Tucson, Phoenix or in Flagstaff has an extra one floating around (preferably small maybe extra small...but I can try to make due with whatever!) and would let me borrow it that would be super !

I will be in Phoenix on the 3rd about mid-day.

If anyone can help please give me a ring or text me at (520) 258-9039.



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Newbie needs a bit of help! Empty Re: Newbie needs a bit of help!

Post  Mara Jen is Big Red! on 04/07/09, 12:39 am

Carter Sarah!

I see that I got a call from you today--I apologize. I was down much of the day with a migraine.

I hope you were able to figure something else out.


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Mara Jen is Big Red!
Mara Jen is Big Red!

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